Welcome to MLL Knives

Hello and Welcome to MLL Knives.

My name is Mario Leao and I am the man behind the MLL Knives.

I initially start making knives in a local bushcraft and survival community, since 1998 I have developed and design knives always paying close attention to the performance and field usability, all knives was made initially to community users or to sale to local enthusiasts, in 2008 take the project to a commercial level and adopt the MLL Knives brand, thereafter tried to upgrade and improve resistant and robust knives suitable for hard work, my knives are now used by knife enthusiasts, bushcrafters, military and general users.

All my blades are manufactured individually by hand, using ancient forging techniques combined with the use of new technologies to produce a roughing tool in high-quality steel, you can rely on whatever the terrain or geographical location, always ready to help in urban, jungle, desert, ocean or domestic environmental.

In my blades mainly use two different steels, "O1" carbon steel and N690 stainless steel, in particular blades D2 or 5160 can be optional.

In all my designs give the utmost attention to details such as: strength, versatility, simplicity, comfort in use, good cutting ability, durability and utility.

Following these principles intend to create a beauty and useful tool. I hope you feel satisfaction in the use as I feel in their production.

I'm mainly a custom maker, do not work on mass production, all the photos you will see on this web page are examples of what you can get, all specs can be custom.

I work for a orders list so generally do not have knives in stock but regularly make some knives to show the work and sell in some forums, so there are two ways to buy one of my knives, direct order, feel free to contact me, use the Contacts link I'll reply very soon with custom options and price, or pick up one of the knives that I'll put on sale on:
Facebook, BladeForums, Blades and Bushlore, BritishBlades, Australian Blade Forums, MesserForum.net.

After visit my store you like to know more about my work, please follow me on facebook Facebook daily updated with new photos.

Thank you

Mario Leao

Handmade Knives by Mario Leao

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